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Tall Ship Trips


Date: 31.05.22,  17:04

Further to our previous post about the unfortunate delay of the tall ship ‘The Leader’ it is regrettable that we now have to inform you that the tall ship will not be joining us for the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival this year.


We appreciate how disappointed you must be as we also feel this loss to the festival. However, due to circumstances beyond our control the vessel is awaiting technical checks and without this they cannot obtain clearance to sail. They had hoped to be through this process by now and be with us but it’s not going to happen this year.

We appreciate your patience and apologise it’s not better news.

All those that had existing bookings for sailings this weekend have been contacted to be made aware of the situation with refunds issued.

The committee of the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival wish to apologise unreservedly for this and hope this disappointing news does not take away from the rest of the fantastic programme the festival has to offer.

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